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Class use

The Senior Library has a number of areas for class use, purpose built for a range of pedagogical purposes:

The Seminar room has seating for 30. It is primarily used for direct instruction and viewing videos

ZUSE is an area for a range of activities: direct instruction, video usage, collaborative group work, independent conferencing

The Reading Area provides a comfortable space with couches and bean bags for a great relaxation experience

The General Area is perfect for individual work, or group conferencing. The furniture may be re-configured to suit the purpose of the lesson: tables, chairs and comfortable couches are available

CSIRAC is a whole-class teaching area, with booth-style furniture. Each booth has an individual monitor for sharing of information, collaboration and collaborative learning. A large screen monitor also offer the ability to project videos, or show work from students’ or the teacher’s laptop. This is a great space for collaborative projects

Junior School Library has three areas available for class use. All classes have regular weekly lessons.

Platypus Area: seating at desks for 30 with whiteboard, screen & data projector. Used by Years 3-6

Wombat Area: Tiered seating for 35. This is the Storytelling area for PP-2

Koala Area: Quiet reading and Board Games area where the Quick Reads and Graphic Novels are housed. Three round tables with seating are provided, along with beanbags.