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Short-listed books: Older Readers

Shortlisted Books – Older Readers

The Boy who Steals Houses
Author: C G Drews
Publisher: Hachette Australia
Book Trailers: Bucks Book Award 2:16 mins
•    Never Judge a Book by its Cover (includes interview)
•    Good Reads
•    Readings
•    The Nerd Daily
•    Christchurch City Council Libraries
•    Kids Book Review

How it Feels to Float
Author: Helena Fox
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia
Teaching Notes: Pan Macmillan
Book Trailer: Penguin 29 secs
•    Good Reads
•    Kids Book Review
•    Common Sense Media
•    Publishers Weekly

Ghost Bird
Author: Lisa Fuller  Interview on ABC 21m 20s
Publisher: University of Qld Press
•    Reading Time
•    Good Reads
•    Books and Publishing
•    The Nerd Daily
•    Diva Book Nerd including interview

When the ground is Hard
Author: Malla Nunn
Publisher: Allen & Unwin including an excerpt to read.  Malla Nunn Discusses the book 1:04 mins
Teachers Notes
•    Malla Nunn’s collection
•    Good Reads

Four Dead Queens
Author: Astrid Scholte  YouTube 1:02 mins
Publisher: Allen & Unwin  Teacher’s tips
•    Kirkus Reviews
•    Kids Book Review
•    Teen Reads
•    That’s Normal

This is How We Change the Ending
Author: Vikki Wakefield
Publisher: Text Publishing  This links to a lot of information including a sample chapter, interviews and reviews.
Text Teaching notes