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Year 5 Groups of People on the Goldfields

Diggers (Australian) – Images

Zealous gold diggers, Castlemaine 1852. State Library of Victoria.

Diggers on the road to a rush 1874. State Library of Victoria.

Provident diggers in Melbourne. State Library of Victoria.

Diggers (Australian) – Websites

Gold miners. State Library of Victoria.

The egalitarian gold fields. SBS.

Diggers (Australian) – Video clips

Life on the Goldfields 2.

Aboriginals – Images

Native Miami. National Gallery of Victoria.

The inquiry. National Gallery of Victoria.

Aboriginals – Websites

Aborigines & the gold rush. State Library of Victoria.

Indigenous Peoples. eGold.

Aboriginals – Video Clips

Songline Cultural Tours, Victoria’s Goldfields. Visit Melbourne.

Chinese – Images

The Opposum-Hill rush near Berlin. i.e. Victoria picture. State Library of Victoria.

Chinese miner in traditional garb relaxing with a long stemmed pipe. State Library of Queensland.

Chinese – Websites

Chinese. State Library of Victoria.

The New Gold Mountain. SBS.

Chinese – Video Clips

Many Roads: Stories of the Chinese on the Goldfields of Victoria. Culture Victoria.

Chinese Migration. Behind the News.

Women – Images

“Night Scene on the Goldfields 1855.” Men and women around a campfire. Sovereign Hill Museums Association.

Mother’s pride. National Gallery of Victoria.

Women – Websites

Women on the goldfield. State Library of Victoria.

The lives of women at the goldfields. Kidcyber. (Section in the website)

No place for a lady. SBS.

Eliza Perrin: An “Ordinary” Woman of the Goldfields. Gold Museum of Ballarat.

Women – Video Clip

The Victorian Goldfields – Slim pickings for Women

Children – Images

Miner and two children standing next to a dry blower, Oaks Goldfield, Queensland [NQ ID 1201]. James Cook University.

Lucky digger that returned 1853. State Library of Victoria.

Children – Websites

Children. State Library of Victoria.

Children of the Victorian gold rush. Goldfields guide.

Childhood in the 1850s. Sovereign Hill Educational Blog.

Children – Video clip

Life on the Goldfields Podcast.

Bushrangers – Images

Gold taken via Bendigo or elsewhere, dangerously suspicious, contributions insisted on, voluntary principles despised [picture] / S.T.G. National Library of Australia.

Bushrangers flight from “Sketches in Victoria”, Blundell and Co., Melbourne, 1856. National Gallery of Australia.

“Dangerously suspicious : contributions insisted upon, voluntary principals despised /”. State Library of Victoria.

Bushrangers – Websites

Bushrangers on the roam. SBS.

Bushrangers on the goldfields. Sovereign Hill Education Blog.

Bushrangers – Video Clip

Frank Gardiner – The Gold Escort Robbery

Troopers / Police – Images

Mounted police, gold escort Mt. Alexander. State Library of Victoria.

Govt Mt Alexandra Gold Escort en route for Melbourne, 1852. State Library of Victoria.

Troopers / Police – Websites

Law and order. State Library of Victoria.

Law and order. eGold.

The arrival of police. SBS.

The Goldfields Police. Sovereign Hill Education Blog.

Troopers / Police – Video Clip

Feature History – Eureka Stockade. From 3:10 minutes.

Afghan Cameleers – Images

Afghan camel drivers [B 22652] • Photograph. State Library of South Australia.

Afghan camel handlers [B 45851] • Photograph. State Library of South Australia.

Camel team with Afghan drivers, Central Australia. State Library Victoria.

Afghan Cameleers – Websites

Afghans and camels in Australia.

Afghan Cameleers – Video clips

Audio: Andrew Griffin on Australia’s non-British migrants. State Library Victoria. Cameleer section: 6:15 – 12:16 minutes. Some difficult vocabulary.

The Cameleers —- Australia’s Lost History. Broken Hill. Information about Afghan Cameleers, but no gold rush references.